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COP PDF Attachment Menu

Adds a shortcode [ pdfmenu ] that defaults to displaying an unordered list of all pdf’s attached to the current page or post.

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Why did i build this plugin?

I had a need for a quick way to add a pdf files to a marketing page so that my clients customers cloud quickly access printable materials. WordPress comes with a gallery code that allows you to quickly display attached images, but there wasn’t any such code for outputting other mime types.

So I rolled my own, but it doesn’t only work for pdf files. You can select any specific mime type, or all mime types and this plugin will output an un-styled list that you can use how ever you like.

If it supports more than pdf files why is it named pdf menu?

That’s a great question. It is named that because that is the default behavior. Just list all attached pdf files. Because that was the original reason I built it. So at some point I may release a different version of this plugin that is more expansive with a more general name.

So if you need a quick way to get that list in there so you can start styling this is a nice lightweight way to do that. It includes a shortcode and widget so that you can drop this in an configure it in your widgetized bits.

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