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We love Donations. If you find the plugin provides value. And if you are using it I'm sure it does. Buy me a cup of Chai. I will list all supporters on my site.
    Pick a donation level. Not the Matt Mullenweg level. What's that about? He can afford to support the ecosystem. I'd love to say that he did so I thought I'd make the suggestion. Is this little plugin worth it? I guess we will find out. Imagine the rest of these relate to how prominently I feature you on my list of supporters, how I organize it, and how much of your information I may or may not include. I'll decide how to do that when I get a donation. 🙂
  • Add whatever amount you'd like to donate. 🙂
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  • You are making a donation. You deserve answers. Make a donation and I'm happy to help. Make an even bigger donation and I'm even happier to help.
  • Did this plugin solve a problem you were having and save you time? If you thought it was great and exactly what you were looking for saving you time, money and headaches. Let us know and we might post your kind words.
  • Do you want this plugin to do something else? When you donate, let me know what we should include and hey, it just might happen. Or I might roll a completely new plugin because your ideas are outside the box of reasonability.
  • Tell us about your self so that we can add you to our list of supporters.
    Maybe you just want help and aren't interested in being listed as a supporter. Maybe you represent a business. Maybe you are a self promoter. Just let me know and I'll try and list you how you prefer.